Call for Papers

We invite submission of proposals dealing with literal and non-literal uses of referring expressions. We aim at a good balance between linguistically (semantics, pragmatics) and philosophically (philosophy of language) oriented talks, approaching the topic from a variety of angles. We also invite presentations of empirical results on the topic.

Topics that can be addressed at the workshop include but are not limited to the following questions:

  • When is a non-literal use felicitous for different referring expressions?
  • Is the distinction between literal and non-literal uses purely a distinction between semantic and speakers’ reference? What is the role of the speaker’s intention in (non-)literal uses?
  • Does reference determination in literal and non-literal uses (necessarily) involve distinct semantic/pragmatic mechanisms? Or is there a uniform mechanism operative in all cases, which recombines different ingredients in literal and non-literal uses?
  • How much weight does the linguistic content of a referring expression have in reference determination?
  • Is a sentence containing a non-literal use that states something true about the speaker’s referent true or false? Can such uses only convey true content?


Submission guidelines:
Abstracts must be anonymous, in PDF format, at most 2 pages long (including examples and references), in a font size no less than 12pt, and with margins of 1 inch/2.5cm. Every author can submit at most one single-authored abstract and one co-authored abstract.

Abstracts should be submitted via EasyChair no later than August 27, 2017 (extended!):

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The workshop is part of the 40th Annual Meeting of the DGfS (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft). Workshop speakers have to register for the conference and are not supposed to speak at more than one workshop.